Takeaway.com annually publishes it's figures and numbers for all investors and people who are interested. Due to the growth of the company this project was guided and supervised by me in collaboration with an external partner and our finance team.
Initially we started with designing a master template including the grid, different page layouts, font styles and examples  for the use of highlights, quotes, infographics, photography & tables.
I was responsible for supervising the external partner on all layout questions as well as gathering in-house content. This included collecting information, collaborating with different departments and their input, reviewing and preparing materials, brand assets, creating infographics, retouching and preparing photos and if needed coordinating other parties according to our strict time- / deadline. 
The annual report design developed and grew throughout the years adapting and integrating the new visual identity styles over time.​​​​​​​
My responsibilities in this project: 
- Layouting the master template including various page layouts, the grid, defining character & paragraph styles, creating styles for imagery, tables, infographics and special pages (such as quotes, highlights & separators)
- Supervising the collaboration with the external partner, giving feedback on layout and chosen materials
- Collecting materials & coordinating different departments / partners on a strict timeline
- Preparing materials, retouching photography, improving and (re)designing infographics & icons
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