Takeaway.com annually publishes it's figures and numbers for all investors and people who are interested. Due to the growth of the company this project was guided and supervised by me in collaboration with an external partner and our finance team.
Initially we started with designing a dummy with a grid and a defining the different styles for the pages including a grid and colours, styles and typography for headlines, paragraphs, infographics, photography, TOC etc.
I was responsible for gathering information, collaborating with different departments for their input, collecting materials and reviewing picture material, retouching and preparing if needed. All the infographics created had to be adjusted accordingly and refined to match the corporate design.
The annual report design then developed throughout the years adapting and integrating our new corporate styles over time.
Tasks: Layout of the basic style & grid, creating all styles for the different page layouts, headlines, paragraphs, imagery, tables, special pages (such as quotes and separators) and infographics
Supervising the collaboration with the external partner, sending feedback and collaborate on missing materials, gathering information etc.
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