During my time as at Takeaway.com we often faced problems in our design solutions in regards to diversity, political correctness or simply facing time and budget issues on problems to be solved fast. Also to diversify our graphical output we decided to introduce illustration to our brand identity. In order to create a coherent and consistent brand image, we needed to define and align the style of illustrations throughout all channels and media.
The illustrations need to be divers but specific, global and focussing on our platform / its services and everything relating to it and not dragging attention to its style. Additionally it had to be implemented on the go, serving a variety of purposes and handling different media, therefore needed to be vector only and appear with a more serious touch. It's about delivering a message where the boundaries of photography are reached.
As a quick first fix we decided to go with a modular system and different elements, that would create a consistent look and feel and already create a certain framework where elements and people could be placed in.
I was part of the first steps on developing an individual Takeaway.com illustration style and in the meanwhile deciding which illustrations can be used as placeholders or to already shape our database for the future.
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