"Momente konservieren. Alltag beleben. Umwege riskieren. Träumen und spielen. 
Eigene Geschichten erzählen."
Mit Hilfe von Illustration, Druck & Grafikdesign.
Unterstützt durch Wortspielereien und geleitet von logischen Gedankenwegen.
Fokussiert auf eine optimale Lösung. 
Kommuniziert durch grafisches Feingefühl.

Hauptberuflich bin ich Teetrinker.​​​​​​​
"Behold moments. Enlive routines. Embrace detours. Dream & Play. 
Tell own stories.”
Through illustration & graphic design I playfully narrate my logical thoughts. My work is focused on the best-fitting solution and communicated with graphical sensitiveness.
I‘m a full-time Teadrinker.
zuckerbauch - what's that supposed to mean? It is the German translation of my surname and literally translates to 'sugar belly' - originating in the Dutch language. I was born and raised in Germany with a Dutch nationality and also a name, that is a bit complicated to write and pronounce. So I decided to translate it into German and use it as an artists name that actually suits my brand / business in a nice way and that is easier to write, pronounce and keep in mind. 
I am Lea, a crossmedia designer based in the Netherlands. Approaching projects in various ways and with different kinds of media is something I can really enjoy. My interests are visual concepts and stories that communicate in a unique, honest way and that would not underestimate their viewer. I usually love to transport my messages with a spark of joy or a bit of humour.
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